About Gary Johnson


Gary Johnson was once called “America’s most dangerous politician” by a major national publication.


He earned that distinction by doing something remarkable, especially by today’s political standards:  He ran for Governor in 1994 by telling New Mexicans what he would do if elected…and then he actually did those things. New Mexicans approved, and reelected Gary Johnson to a second term in 1998.


He said he would cut the size of government while making it work better. And he did. The state workforce was reduced by 10%, without firing or massive layoffs. He managed attrition and demanded efficiency. It worked.


He told New Mexicans he would cut taxes.  And he did. During his service as Governor, income taxes were cut, the gas tax was reduced, capital gains taxes were cut, as was the employment tax.


Governor Johnson did those things — and many more —  as a Republican working with an overwhelmingly Democratic legislature. It wasn’t always easy, but his approach was simple.  He told people what he would do, and then he did it. Even his opponents respected his honesty, his straight-shooting, and his determination. He didn’t play by the partisan rules, and the basis for his decisions was simple: Will it make things better for New Mexico…or not?


Before becoming Governor, Gary Johnson was a businessman. He built a successful construction company that employed more than 1,000 New Mexicans. And after his two terms in Santa Fe, he returned to private life, pursuing his passions as an athlete, an adventurer and an entrepreneur.


But in 2012, frustrated by the direction of the country and the government in Washington, DC, Gary Johnson ran for President. He entered the Republican primary, but refused to play the games that were required to navigate a process dominated by special interests. He had the audacity to say the same things to voters in New Hampshire and Iowa that he said in South Carolina and back home in New Mexico. The Republican establishment wasn’t ready for that kind of honesty.


Rather than bow to the special interests, Gary Johnson instead ran as a Libertarian — taking his message of less government and more freedom to every corner of the nation.  In 2016, he built upon that foundation and earned more votes for President than any Libertarian candidate in history — and the most for a third party or independent candidate since Ross Perot. He earned the endorsement of major, mainstream newspapers such as the Chicago Tribune and the Richmond Times-Dispatch.


Gary Johnson IS the independent, honest voice New Mexico and America need in Washington. Imagine a United States Senate with Gary Johnson in it…


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