Imagine the Impact

Elect Liberty PAC

Imagine a world in which one — just one — United States Senator could vote, speak out and give voice to the real concerns of Americans without the partisan constraints and false loyalties that encumber every Republican and Democrat Senator.

In the evenly divided Senate of today, policies and programs impacting tens of millions of Americans and trillions of our tax dollars can hinge a single Senator’s actions.

Critical issues from taxes to health care to who will serve on the U.S. Supreme Court are being decided — or not decided — by 1, 2 or 3 votes.

Imagine the impact a single independent Senator could have, making decisions the way they SHOULD be made: On a basis of what’s best for America, not what’s best for Republicans, Democrats…or themselves.

Talk about disrupting a system in dire need of disruption.

Thanks to a unique alignment of the stars, it could happen. It could happen this year.

It could happen if former Governor Gary Johnson were to run for the Senate from his home state of New Mexico.

New Mexico’s, little-known, freshman Democrat U.S. Senator is up for reelection in November. Thanks to the success of the Johnson-Weld presidential ticket in New Mexico in 2016, the Libertarian Party has a “major party” place on the state’s ballot.

Gary Johnson earned more votes for President in 2016 than any Libertarian candidate in history, and the most votes of any third-party or independent candidate since Ross Perot.

And there IS a way for Gary Johnson to run for U.S. Senate from his home state. The purpose of Elect Liberty PAC is to make that happen.

Imagine a United States Senate with Gary Johnson’s independent voice and vote. He was deemed the most fiscally conservative Governor in the country…and called the “most dangerous politician” in America.

As a truly independent Senator, Gary Johnson’s influence on critical issues, and on behalf of New Mexico, would be unmatched.

New Mexico — and America — need Gary Johnson in the Senate. Help us make that a reality.

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